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To some people, completing college is a rite of passage.

However, education is evolving. In more recent years, more people — including myself — are gradually opting out of continuing traditional education and are collectively challenging the status quo by independently learning and/or taking courses that actually matter to us.

“Irezumi” refers to a distinct tattoo style depicting Japanese mythology and iconography, such as dragons and tigers. | Public domain

TTattoos are a subject of fascination to many, some people going as far as skinning it off other people. How would you react if someone asked if you’d like to “give” them your tattoos after you died, to be framed for many more years to come? …

Stonehenge | public domain

SStonehenge is one of the most well-known prehistoric monuments in the world. In 1915, Cecil Chubb bought it as a birthday present for his wife — instead of the dining set she initially asked for.

The previous owners

Before Cecil Chubb’s ownership, Stonehenge was in the possession of the Antrobus Baronetcy for four…

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History, business, and the occasional funny story.

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