Time to trip out

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The biggest contenders

Thoughts from a consumer’s standpoint

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Personally, I like it

Is there a difference? Here’s my take.

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It’s not as liberating as some people make it out to be.

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FOMO will be present.

I’m not sure how people eat this

By author

Day 1

Insights from a straight woman

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Men can be totally clueless

Lactose intolerance has its woes

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Hemp milk: 6/10

Fukushi Masaichi and Ilse Koch both liked to collect tattoos

“Irezumi” refers to a distinct tattoo style depicting Japanese mythology and iconography, such as dragons and tigers. | Public domain

Ilse Koch

It was then gifted to the public because she didn’t like it

Stonehenge | public domain

The previous owners

Liberty Ann

History, business, and the occasional funny story.

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