We might just evolve back to fish again

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Photo by Lenin Estrada on Unsplash

Technology is getting more advanced, not to mention us humans just love making Mother Nature our bitch whenever something we did fucks up royally and clogs the hemisphere or kills another animal species or two off. Oops!

One question comes to mind whenever a new gadget or service is introduced: do all these new shiny doohickies really make life significantly easier, or are we just becoming lazier?

Safer cars are perceived as an utmost priority since, like, automobiles are a major death inducer. Cars can now drive themselves! A car is a hunk of metal with wheels that can go over a hundred miles per hour, what do you expect? Aside from manufacturer faults, here’s a thought: why don’t people learn how to drive correctly and try to be a little bit more cautious? Eh. It’s simply impossible to drive a little bit slower, put down the phone, and say no to more alcohol or whatever mind-altering drugs that are cool nowadays. …

What we can learn from how wolf packs actually live

Alpha wolves are a stereotype.

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Photo by Yannick Menard on Unsplash

Debunking The Myth

Wolf packs don’t operate any different than a functional human family. In the summers between 1986 and 1998, biologist and wolf expert, Dave Mech, observed wolf packs inhabiting the Canadian wilderness. This was rather unprecedented at the time since other existing studies on the hierarchy of wolves were largely based on packs that were kept in captivity.

Wolf lifespans in the wilderness are capped at about eight years. The strong-willed offspring will leave the pack between nine months to two years of age, and some may stick past three years. Packs in captivity have considerably longer lifespans and don’t have the option to break away when they wish, thus fueling overall competitiveness within the pack. …

He also burned down the Forbidden City

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The Forbidden City accommodated the Ming Dynasty from 1368–1644 | Image source: Architectural Digest

Zhu Houzhao was the ultimate hedonist emperor. His sixteen-year reign over the Ming Dynasty would be filled with reckless pursuits and debauchery. In 1505, he ascended the throne at only fourteen years old and became the eleventh emperor, commencing the Zhengde era (“rectification of virtue”).

Laziness or disinterest?

Despite his high-level education and the utmost preparedness to rule, the Zhengde Emperor had no interest in power, let alone in maintaining the Ming Dynasty. He showed incredible potential and wit at a young age, but he didn’t handle the majority of his responsibilities. …

Companies need to keep in mind that we’re only human

What if using the Internet never became this easy?

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Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

Before, accessing the Internet was rather complicated and computers were massive. Now, who doesn’t know how to use a web browser and a smartphone? The creation of the World Wide Web thirty years ago singlehandedly changed how people shared information, subsequently integrating the Internet into more and more aspects of civilization, to a point where everybody is now exposed to it.

Creatures of Habit

Aside from the lure of initial excitement, many new products (and updates) that companies have high hopes for contain some degree of novelty. Sometimes this doesn’t immediately translate to practical use for the average person, which is most of us who would rather not take the time or energy to re-learn something new, if not throw money at things we don’t think we’ll use that much. …

Our world in pictures

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The Last Supper | Image source

It’s near impossible to imagine a world without the art works of Botticelli, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo. If it wasn’t for the Medici’s generous patronage and encouragement during the High Renaissance (14th-15th century), many landmark depictions of beauty and devotion would’ve never come to fruition.

Humble beginnings

The patriarch that gave origin to the family was Giovanni de’ Medici. Born in Florence, Italy, in 1360, he was the son of a wool merchant. Giovanni absolutely did not want to end up like his father, who died without much to his name. …

This transformed me as a 14 year old

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I don’t have that many single life-changing memories while I was in grade school, do you? For me, it was generally filled with internal conflict fueled by angst and worrying about what people thought about me — you can probably relate.

A challenge, you say?

One lesson disguised as a science project in 9th grade is forever ingrained in my brain. I forgot what the project itself was about (something about rocks), but it included gluing pictures and typed captions onto a poster board. For some reason, I didn’t want to type it.

The conversation I had with my teacher went something like this:

Teacher: Everybody should type out their writing for this project. …

The price of cheap tourism and low costs of living

When you picture Las Vegas, Nevada, what do you see?

Slot machines spitting out coins? How absurdly slow it took for the state to count its votes during the election? A foot-long bottle of swirls of different flavored daiquiri from Fat Tuesday? A shooting every other week?

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Photo by James Walsh on Unsplash

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for over fifteen years, nearing twenty. My parents work in hospitality, many of my friends have or had jobs in tourism, and I’ve recently relinquished working at a hotel myself. I know a thing or two about living here.

Much of my insights are from my personal accounts and from what I’ve witnessed and been told firsthand. …

I start my day off with some coffee.

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Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

Not any just coffee though, God forbid Starbucks or any brand of coffee beans that are processed in the same facility as child labor tears. I read an article the other day on one country where coffee beans come from, which is actually pretty sad. But their GDP grew about 2.28% last year, which isn’t that bad. I drink my coffee plain black in this handmade mug that I’ve had since my college days. Sentimental value is everything.

While I drink my coffee I check my social media, all five of my accounts. The first thing I see are baby photos of my colleague’s newborn. Seriously? Who’s having children nowadays? Sometimes I make another cup of coffee because there are times I get too absorbed in other people’s lives, but that’s okay. …

It’s a marketing tactic

Being a ‘minimalist’ means not letting our possessions define us. But is that possible? I don’t think so.

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Photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash

Which is a more ‘minimalist’ thing to do?

Purchase brand new $50 hemp cotton shirts and $150 pants made from a bunch of water bottles.


Go to your local thrift store and if you’re lucky you’d score decent garments for just a few bucks, even if it is a bit used.

Your answer will explain a lot.

I don’t really like having stuff myself.

When I moved out of my parents’ house for the first time, everything I owned and wanted to take with me fit in the trunk of my car. My tiny, compact car. Even after I settled into my new place everything I owned took up a small fraction of the closet and I removed a bunch of furniture from the previous tenant. …

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Reading can be rewarding, yet tedious.

Contrary to popular belief, the act of reading and the mental capacity to understand are exclusive from each other. Unless both are simultaneously harnessed to work together, it can be difficult to finish reading a book, or even worse: finish without really understanding it.

If you have a book or stack of books that are unfinished due to:

  • losing interest, yet still want to finish
  • forgetting what you’ve previously read the subsequent time you pick it up
  • have an overactive thought process/brain that seemingly can’t be contained
  • overall impatience or lacking the time
  • all of the…


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